The purpose of the Utah Statewide Independent Living Council (USILC) is to:

  • Develop and expand independent living programs and philosophy on a statewide basis. 
  • Develop and submit the State Plan for Independent Living (SPIL) in conjunction with the Directors of the state Independent Living Centers and the Designated State Entity (DSE). 
  • Hold hearings, forums, and conduct surveys to determine statewide independent living needs. 
  • Monitor, review, and evaluate implementation of the SPIL
  • Coordinate activities with the State Rehabilitation Council (SRC) and other councils, agencies, and organizations that address the needs and issues of the disability population.
  • Act as a resource to public and private entities regarding issues relating to people with disabilities. 
  • Advocate for independent living.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our Council please fill out and return an application to Brooke Wilson

Voting Members

Robert Ferris

Chair & SRC Rep 1st Term
September 29, 2018

Jeff Sheen

Vice Chair & Youth Co Member 1st Term
September 29, 2018

Brian Bills

Youth Advisory Committee Co-Chair 1st Term
September 29, 2019

Debra Mair

AILU Representative 1st Term
September 30, 2018

Leslie Gertsch

State Plan Committee Chair 2nd Term
September 29, 2019

Robert Davis

Youth Advisory Committee Co-Chair & Youth Co Member 2nd Term
September 30, 2020

Andrea Pitts

1st Term
September 29, 2018

Jennie Ostermiller

Secretary & Youth Co. Chair 1st Term
September 29, 2018

Cherissa Alldredge

Treasurer 1st Term
September 30, 2020

Ex Officio Members

Tara Rollins

1st Term
September 29, 2018

Tom England

Designated State Entity (DSE) 1st Term
September 29, 2018


Brooke Wilson

Coordinator 801-463-1592/work 801-463-1683/fax

Kris Fawson

Public Policy Administrator 801-463-1592/work 801-463-1683/fax 801-243-1066/cell

Michael Lefevor

Youth and Office Coordinator