People with disabilities have full access to community life, according to their individual choice, abilities and circumstances.

2020-2023 State Plan for Independent Living - SPIL

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Goal 1

People with disabilities receive effective and quality IL services leading to greater independence.

Objective 1

Utah’s six CILs will provide IL services statewide to a minimum of 20 percent new individuals annually

Objective 2

The CILs will provide IL services statewide for people with significant disabilities on an annual basis to facilitate achievement of their independent living goals.

Goal 2

People in Utah are aware of the issues disability presents and the value of full participation in society.

Objective 1

Through statewide outreach provided by the IL Network, people in Utah will increase their awareness of disability and disability issues on annual basis.

Objective 2

People with disabilities throughout the CIL service area have opportunities to participate in community activities

Objective 3

Develop strategies to enhance accessible and affordable housing and transportation options.

Goal 3

Youth with disabilities are participating in their communities

Objective 1

IL Network will coordinate existing youth (ages 5-24) programs and services for youth with disabilities to transition to adulthood.

Objective 2

USILC will maintain a Youth Leadership Committee (YLC) to provide input to the IL network to better meet the needs of youth with disabilities

Objective 3

USILC in cooperation with the IL Network, will support the growth of youth leadership training initiatives statewide.

Goal 4

Utah Public Policy reflects supports needed for people with disabilities to participate in their homes and communities.

Objective 1

The IL Network will coordinate legislative, local and systems advocacy efforts and assist individuals in learning effective advocacy.